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Supplements/Nutrients That You Need To Consume For A Healthier Skin!

Eating healthfully is right for your whole body, including your skin as well as taking natural supplements. Especially those with sensitive skin. These are healthy, yet natural supplements and nutrients for your diet: Healthy Fats Who said all fats are bad? Not all fats are bad. Healthy fats can make your skin ‘glow’! Too little

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Which Cleanser Should I Choose For My Sensitive Skin?

Know Your Skin Type Choosing carefully of your cleanser is important. Find out your specific sensitive skin type. Only then, you can start a search for the best cleanser. Sensitive skin tends to develop rashes, break out or burn when you try new products. You may also find that your skin is sensitive to the

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How To Prevent Your Sensitive Skin By Knowing The Ingredients

I will tell you the secret in reducing skin sensitivity that might surprises you in purchasing your next skincare product. Many active ingredients; research done by specialists are largely nature-derived, can provenly reduce skin sensitivity. These are ingredients that you need to know for your skin, making it possible to follow a regular cleansing and

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5 Tips to Cure Oily Skin That Cosmetic Industry Won’t Tell You

There are many causes of oily skin such as your genetics and the environment. Being in humid and hot weather (like Malaysia!) tend to stimulate the secretion of sebum, leading to more oil on the skin. Oh, aren’t we lucky? Conversely, dry and cold climates, skin can dry out, causing oil glands to overwork to

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