The Only Cleanser You Need

Safflower Oil Milk Cleanser

Deep Cleanse. Moisturize. Naturally Anti-bacterial.



Our formulations are created with the function in mind. Long list of ingredients are not always the best, rather it’s about effective ingredients that work in synergy.

Unclog Pores

Say goodbye to blackheads & whiteheads! Our cleansing oil will penetrate deep into your skin to keep your pores clean.

Regulate Dry or Oily Skin

It doesn’t matter if you have dry or oily skin. Jujur is formulated for all skin type.

Remove Makeup & Impurities

Our 100% natural cleansing oil effectively dissolves makeup & wash away impurities from your skin while providing intense hydration. You’ll have a glowing & moisturizing skin.

A little goes a long way

Perfected for..

Loved by you...

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Safflower Oil Milk Cleanser

30 days money back guarantee.

Harvesting Botanical Goodness

Organic Safflower Oil

Organic Castor Oil

Helps to break down clogged pores. Cleansing agent & anti-bacterial.

Tea Tree Essential Oil

Orange Essential Oil

Helps to relieve inflammation, treat acne, relax face muscle, relieve depression for your happy & healthier.

Natural Organic

Plant-based & Vegan

Cruelty Free

Tear Free

No Nasties

Money Back Guarantee

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