9 Habits Giving You Acne Storm! Are you Doing This???

Bad breakouts not just causing embarrassment and frustration but also ruining your life. Somehow, you’re killing your confidence without you even realizing. Worst, you shut yourself out of the world refuse to face the judgmental society.


Hmmm…I feel you. I used to be there too and it’s really painful – and stressful.

While we have put so much effort into choosing the right skincare to shooo away the acne, but it seems to have no impact. Now, it’s time for you to check your daily habits that possibly giving you acne. You might smack your head after reading this!


9 Habits giving you Acne Storm!

1.Using Makeup Ingredients that can cause irritation

Now, let’s do some research on our makeup ingredients that we’re using. But this doesn’t mean you need to throw away your foundation or stop applying the blusher you’ve just bought yesterday. You just need to watch it out.

-Artificial Color: All eyes on FD&C in the ingredients list, which means the  product has artificial color.

This can irritate the skin and if it’s in your lipstick or blush, it can cause breakouts around your mouth or on your cheeks.

-Lanolin: It was all because of the sheep. This cute animals give out lanolin that act as super multitasking moisturizer. You can use it on skin, nails and hair. Back in centuries, it is hard for the people to find a lotion/body cream, so they take it from the sheep.

Well it is not actually a bad thing, but when being used in cosmetics, people start get allergies.It is mildly comedogenic. If you’re prone to breakouts, this is not something you want to put on your skin.

-Mineral Oil: This forms a film on your skin, blocking dead skin cells and bacteria (main causes of acne) and it can also give you milia, those tiny white bumps on your skin. Yes! The whiteheads!

-Petroleum: This is oil, and as you may have guessed, you don’t really need to be putting more oil on your face. Less is more…

-Isopropyl Myristate: While it is widely used for thickening agent, this can actually make your skin feel less greasy, but it also clogs pores and causes skin irritation.

-Artificial Fragrance: Nice smells  giving you sense of peace, calm and serenity. However, this can irritate your skin and cause breakouts. Try to use as many fragrance free products as possible. Alternatively, you can say “Yes!” to natural oil fragrances.

2. Over drying face

tips memilih pencuci muka terbaik_melembap

Drying out your skin will actually cause it to produce more oil. The skin naturally tries to replace the loss of moisture from skin, therefore when it feels dry it will produce more oil, continuing the vicious cycle.

Be gentle with skin and keep it moisturize.

3. Pressure on face

Putting pressure on face against phone, pillow, resting face on palm.

This pressure not only exposes your skin to bacteria, but the actual force of this bacteria against your face can cause you to break out. Just imagine the bacteria were transferred directly into your open pores, a volcano gonna explodes!

4. Pressure (stress)

Stress gets your heart racing, your stomach churning, and causes wrinkles – but did you know why does stress cause acne breakouts? Part of the answer seems to be that the  brain and the skin both make the same stress-related hormone that causes inflammation. It  increases the hormones that can cause acne. True butthurt.

Alright, learn to chill out a bit.

5. Changing pillowcase once in a month

When is the last time you change your bed sheet? Imagine this, you’ve been rolling on with bundle of dead skin cell and bacterias and your face lies for hours at a time especially your pillowcase. As for your towels too? You are wiping germs all over your I-Just-Wash face.

No wonder, your skincare doesn’t do anything for you.

6. Hair Products

Talking about acne, the first thing that pop in your mind must be “Is it my face wash?” Well, you might miss the hair. Many people don’t think about how their hair products can cause acne, but think about how often your hair touches your face.

And remember that unless you are washing your hair every night before bed, all that product is transferring onto your pillow.

Shampoo and conditioner can also cause clogged pores. So, be sure to wash your face with face cleanser after shampooing & conditioning your hair.

7. Use dirty makeup brush

Okay,  now you’re aware of those artificial ingredients in your cosmetics as mentioned earlier, now sneak into your makeup pouch, especially the brushes and sponges. Makeup tools are covered with bacteria and dead skin cells. Dark and cold, perfect for acne factory.

Makeup tools are crawling with bacteria and dead skin cells, perfect for acne factory. Clean it once a week. You can also sanitize the brushes with makeup brush spray every time after using it.

8. Unhealthy eating habit

Eating chocolates and french fries (or oily food) gives you acne, is not true.

It’s really an overall unhealthy diet that you take daily. Having a high glycemic index, which is caused by frequently eating foods known to spike your blood sugar levels (like refined sugar, white bread, pastas, and fried foods), will mess with your body and can cause acne. So if you are eating these foods only on occasion, it’s not likely the cause for your breakouts.

9. Lazy with routine

Look, we’re not going to pretend like it’s not super tempting after a long day. To just slide into bed without pampering your face. But when you skip a cleansing and moisturizing, it can undo all the progress you’ve made with your skin. It is important to establish a daily routine and to stick with it no matter what’s going on.

Every night you should be following this steps, rinse-off cleanser, a hydrating toner or light moisturizer or night cream before you sleep. Avoid acne treatment with salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide as it causes dryness and irritation.

Move on  to tea tree oil and other natural skin care.

Conclusion of Habits Giving You Acne Storm!

There is no ugly person in this world. There’re only lazy one. Remember this ladies, to have a flawless healthy skin, acne-free skin you really need to start taking care of your hygiene and practice a proper skincare routine.

Most importantly, a chemical-free skincare products.

Alright! That’ts all for today. Hope you gain something from this sharing. Till then. Wait for my next post!


J ♥

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